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Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

I wanted to take a minute to talk about lifestyle newborn photography... what it means for me, and why I prefer "lifestyle" over "the baby in the basket" type photography...

I love photographing newborns with their families... it is such an incredible time in ones life and such an honor to document these precious moments! I like to take a more natural, organic and lifestyle approach when it comes to documenting these moments, I want you to simply be "you with your new baby" and forget I am even there! 

I love to capture mom and/or dad snuggling their new baby, and my hope is that in the next 5, 10, 20 years you will look back at these photos of your baby in your arms and remember how wonderful and incredible it all was that your baby was "so tiny". This time in your life and these moments are meant to be treasured and remembered.

I like to capture these lifestyle newborn session in the families home because I feel like this is where are the precious memories are taking place... and let's be super honest, it is so much easier for me to come to you, rather than you packing up baby and gear and coming to me ;) I show up just me and my camera and incorporate things from around the house, nursery, etc you find special and important. Being in the home also takes the stress levels way down for new parents (hopefully!)... we are in your space, so if you need to feed or change the baby, that's exactly what we do... we just go with the flow of whatever the baby needs to keep them happy and mom and dad stress free ;)

I like these sessions to be as natural and comfortable as possible for you and the baby... I want to capture your life with baby and I want you to have these cherished photos forever!